Monday, July 27, 2009

and the weekend kills

I am exhausted.  

My weekend was great.  I spent time with my favorite people, Cecil, Beau, La Creep and an old friend Adam.  I was go go go and am now paying the price.  The reading on Saturday evening was truly lovely.  I read with 5 other fine poets.  The audience was gracious and the event was well-attended. I read poems I never had before and was very happy with they flowed.

Yesterday B and I went to the Comic-Con, even though we had a late night the night before. Comic-Con was out of control.  I've really never seen it so crowded.  I love the Con and hope it stays in San Diego.  I also hope they figure out a way to make it less congested or to expand the convention center. We walked around for a few hours in hopes of finding any True Blood booth but failed and left drained.  We both kept sniffing ourselves thinking we stank but it was everyone around us.  Seriously nerds, soap. Do I need to make soap into an action figure to get you to pay attention to it?  yeeesh.

I didn't get any work done this weekend but figure the reading kind of cancelled out my needing to write since I was honoring my work anyway.  Or thats the excuse I'll use.  But not excuses for the week!  I have to bang out a chapter that has been eating my soul. 

This morning my favorite singer, Ray Lamontagne announced his fall tour dates!  He'll be in LA in November.  Not going to miss him this time, not at all.  B, La Creep and I are all buying pre-sale tickets.  I am going to lose my shit when I see him live.  I'll probably cry.

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