Saturday, July 11, 2009

animal sides and such

with La Creep last night

I woke up early for a Saturday, around 7am, for no particular reason.  I felt on edge, my heart racing a bit and my senses were hyper-aware. The night had been humid and I opened up the balcony door but for once, no hummingbirds were swooping around the feeder or salvias.  I sat for a minute wondering why I was so wide-awake since last night I imbibed some.  I made a cup of coffee and sat down and all of a sudden the entire entire apartment jolted with a resonating bang.  I leapt to the window to see if a car had struck my building.  A neighbor looked up from his bike.  I heard La Creep stirring from where she slept in the guest room.  Was that an earthquake?  I called out.  Yes she said. Maybe my little recent adventures in meditation have tuned my senses into a different frequency. Or, maybe the itty-bitty hangover required I rise early to hydrate. As soon as the little 4.0 tremor passed (it was off the coast of Coronado, just about four miles away) I fell back asleep for another three hours. I like earthquakes, little ones at least.

Summer is summer, breathing a heavy breath of humidity that is not really normal in this irrigated desert.  The sky is that electric blue that promises the day will be a scorcher.  I have the fans going and hope to get out of the house for an outdoor adventure.  I'm not sure its yet warm enough for the a/c.  A little more writhing this morning then I'll reward myself by digging to the pint of Phish Food in the freezer.  Mmmmm.

Beber De Tu Sangre
Los Amantes de Lola
(dumb video, great song)

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