Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am one of six poets reading tonight at St. Paul's Cathedral. I look forward to it.  I think I may wear a new and exciting dress since I've had no other occasion to wear a new and exciting dress.

La Creep is in town and we've had our usual hard laughs over morning coffee.  Our friendship has spanned many years and many interesting events.  We're probably both at the healthiest we've both been at the same time.  Nice.

Loving and loving Steering the Craft.  I'm reminded of crafting gorgeous sentences.  Reading lots of Garcia-Marquez, Cernuda and Jeter-Naslund to keep the rhythms resonating within. There is a great Virginia Woolfe quote in the book that may be the new anthem: Style is a very simple matter; it is all rhythm.  Once you get that, you can't use the wrong words.  Like many truths, it is a pretty simple statement.  Craft beauty.  On it, working towards it. Each sentence leading the reader to the next gracefully.

I ate this morning a blood-red cherry heirloom off of one of the plants on the balcony.  It was a perfect explosion of acidity and sugar.  Last night at Cecil's we devoured a plate of heirlooms from his garden.  He has a sweet yellow kind that tastes like candy.  I can't wait until my Mr. Stripeys are ready to eat.  They're already large on the vines.  My peppermint is suffering but at least the orchids and jasmine are thriving, even if I can't eat them, they're lovely to look at.  I also love the spicy scent the tomatoes release when I water them at night.  I leave the window open to let the scent take over my living room.  I am a nerd about my senses.

Going to spend the day preparing for tonight.  Selecting the poems and in which order I'll read them, trying to get them in my head as much as I can.  Two Jonah poems,  John writing Revelation poem, an Abraham poem, one Mary Magdalene and I'll probably throw in one of the more overtly sexual pieces too.  Nothing like sinning to get you feeling holy.

The Engine Driver
The Decemberists

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strum the sky said...

Wish I'd been in SD for your reading, your provocative rhythms. I think you'll also like "The Wave in the Mind." Summer evenings' mint-spicy tomato scent in the windows... Thanks for the memory. And thanks for being so alive.