Thursday, July 9, 2009

Real and Not So Real

My baby sister's best friend Ayiiia is currently on MTV's Real World Cancun. Ayiiia was voted in on the MTV website.  She was super excited to be on the show and we all cautiously supported her, letting her know that she had no control over how they would edit the content and how she would perceived by the public. After all of the warnings, we supported her 100%. Ayiiia has been on our lives for years.  Now we get to watch her on television.

Even though Teena, my baby sis is in Las Vegas my mom has been hosting Real World parties at her house each Wednesday for Teena's friends.  The last couple of weeks Ayiiia has come by to watch as well.  I've been out of town so last night was the first time I went to one of the parties. When I arrived Ayiiia was already there. While she helped my mom cook she was super nervous explaining that last night's episode did not cast her in the best light.  I kind of knew what was coming since Miss No Consonants had emailed me several times from Cancun while she was filming.  She was stressed out and worried about how folks would see her at home after witnessing her wildness.  I sent her long emails back and tried to give her some perspective, though I have never been a public entertainment persona so I didn't know if my advice was relevant. 

The time came and we watched. Poor Ayiiia was so nervous.  In the episode (as she explained) she had crazy PMS. We watched as she got very inebriated.  We watched as made sexy time with one of her female roommates.  (Cecil texted me your mom is watching this with you?)We watched as she then fought with her previously amorous female roommate and then isolated herself from the rest of the roomies.  If we had watched the show without her, Ayiiia would have come across as a conflicted & not very nice person. It was illuminating to have her there with us as she explained how the editing of the show omitted her making up with her roommates right after the debacles.  But niceties don't make for good ratings.   We watched and teased her mercilessly about her choices.  She was mortified but knew it was all in jest. We love her no matter what.  I can't imagine being in that kind of situation with that many people in the house and cameras recording every move.

Ayiiia talking about her nerves before watching the episode.

After the RW party I met up with Elena Velasquez for drinks at Vagabond.  Elena and I have known each other for years.  She was a member of the now-defunct Brujas y Bellas Writing Group at Voz Alta.  I've loved Elena's writing since then.  We don't run in the same circles but always end up running into each other.  She lives a mile away.  Elena was at VONA last week and she was also in the residency.  Ana Castillo wanted to make sure that once back in San Diego, we would make more of an effort to connect and keep each other up to task in our writing lives.  Last night we gushed and ruminated over the time in SF and how it changed our lives.  Elena was conflicted about where she wanted to go in her writing and I was on the fence about my novel.  We both came out high on inspiration and are both more dedicated to our projects.  

I now have a deadline to turn over some new pages of the novel for critique.  I made a choice to switch up the narration a bit and it is a daunting task. There is a voice I am trying to recapture and it will be hard work.  But it will be gratifying once I get there.

La Creep and Baby D will arrive tomorrow so today is my writing day!  Yikes.

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