Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the seals are safe, my sanity is flawed

The seals at La Jolla Cove won't be chased away.  I've been watching the seals on the beach since I was a kid.  The little beach they rest on is called the Children's Pool and its was originally designed to be a safe place for kids to swim but the seals took over.  People have been up in arms over it for years, saying the beach belongs to the kid.  Really?  Do their mothers swim up on shore to give birth to them and breast-feed them there the way the seals do  What a ridiculous argument.  I'm thrilled the seals will stay.

I have stress on my head.  I have been trying to get work done on my book since I am really into it but I just can't seem to get enough time for myself.  I feel like a kind of an asshole since I have been ignoring my friends phone calls, text messages and emails but I need Lizz time!  Something always seems to come up.  Yesterday I had the entire day to write and just as I sat down the doorbell rang.  The apartment complex handyman came to switch our my electrical outlets.  He had to turn off the electricity, then turn it back on several times.  Meanwhile I had to move my bed, my sofas and other furniture so he could get to the outlets.  When he was done my father called and needed me to run some errands.  

I don't understand how people who have lives more "real" than mine get any writing done at all.  I have guests coming to stay with me every weekend for the next month, I don't mind that, but I am trying to get writing done during the week and it isn't happening.  Lame. The Comic-Con is this weekend and well, I can't miss that either.  Ay.

Everyone's Gone to the Moon
Jonathan King


Cecil said...

Go walk/ride your bike alone. Stop and write in longhand on paper. Don't take your phone (especially your iphone). No computer or human distractions. If you need to edit, print your stuff and take it with you. When I was performing, I used to hide in the canyon and do this or nothing would get done.

Secretly (not so secretly) we want to be distracted because what's inside is too real.

Cecil said...

or we should go to the beach and smoke a joint.