Wednesday, July 15, 2009

whoop whoop

Brief break from the novel to distract myself with blogging.  Yes folks, I am working away. Tapping at the keyboard.  Actually sitting at my desk with a three-pound bang of peanut m&ms, working.  Working.   I ran out of excuses,  Laundry is done.  The apartment in shiny clean.  The plants are watered and I dislike daytime television. I'm learning that when I work on the novel I am super-happy with myself.  So here's to joy.  And transcribing.

Rilkean Heart
Cocteau Twins

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Francisco Bustos said...

Hola Lizz,
been a long time.
sounds like the writing is coming along well.
just started my blog pa' practiar autoletras: 'FRONTERA DREAM SEEDS'
Check it out cuando puedas.
--pancho b.