Monday, August 3, 2009

writers & such

This weekend I had a couple of VONA writers over to workshop.  We spent al afternoon yesterday work-shopping each other's poems and fiction and we also did some writing exercises. I had given them the "translated" version of my first chapter and received feedback that was really good.  I have a few things to clean up then move on to the next chapter, not just in the book but in writing life.

My days/nights have extraordinarily busy.  All sorts of different people coming in and out of town, deadlines to make, work to submit and just trying to keep up with the writing in general.  still trying to get in enough "lizz time" so I don't go nuts.  Solitude is a rare thing these days but I know once summer is over things will chill out and I'll have time back again.  Again, I am amazed at people with real responsibilities who still find time to write.

Good things are coming,  More on that when I have more details. . .

When the Night Comes
Dan Auerbach

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