Tuesday, September 8, 2009

calendar girl

I'm an odd mix of laziness and focus these days.  I neglect the blog because my mind is otherwise occupied.  I may look completely lazy on the outside but believe me, the wheels and turning and there is a whole lot going on.

Positive things are happening.  Next Monday night I'll be part of a performance called VAMP: Make-Out Party at the Whistle Stop.  I've had some poems accepted for publication, more on when they're available.   I'm part of a show at the end of the month in L.A. called proClitvities. Also I'll be letting you all know about a chance to see on television next month reading a poem I was commissioned to write. 

Times like these I neglect all sorts of things, my blog, my friends, my health and I focus on the writing and the process.  

I make myself a little bit crazy but then there is always the excuse that I'm an artists and I can be as blue or morose as I want.  

Treat Me Like Your Mother
The Dead Weather

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