Friday, September 25, 2009

from Los Angeles

Writing this morning from my aunt's house in Hermosa Beach. I woke up refreshed this morning and the first thing I thought was I need to get a new mattress.  What a difference a nice mattress makes.

Last night was the last proclitvities rehearsal. I'm pretty damn excited for the show.  I'm reading( I mean performing) many more pieces than I had originally planned but I'm okay with that. I'm very impressed with the other artists in the show.  The pieces are funny, emotional and provocative. I'm reading (performing!) eight poems.  If you can, please come.

It was lovely to come to my aunt's house last night after rehearsal.  She made me dinner, we had a bottle of wine and chatted (read: gossiped) about the family for a couple of hours.  Her husband was listening to a podcast on Seattle sports and I again told him how much he and B will get along since both are Seattle sports fanatics. (B--I got us tickets! Pho real, baby!)  I slept well and woke up refreshed.  

I had plans to work on some other poems today but forgot my notebook with notes/poems at the rehearsal space so I may just walk on the beach, do some reading and mentally prepare for tonight.

Girls! Girls! Girls!
Liz Phair

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