Monday, September 14, 2009

hello pain

I was in the emergency room last night with severe stomach pain.  I don't like hospitals but enjoy going to the ER with my sister.  For some odd reason, my family deals with fear, tragedy or grief with humor.  Despite the horrible pain I was in, I couldn't stop laughing with my sister.  I'm fine.  It could have been the early stages of appendicitis or severe indigestion.  I don't know what I could have eaten that would have caused me so much pain but I'm glad all that is over.  

Grumbling a bit over things I'm not eager to do but know I have to.  I can be extraordinarily lazy at times and I am one of those moods.  I am in the process of memorizing my piece for proClitvities, and psyching myself out for it.  I look forward to the event.

Tonight I'm reading for VAMP: Make-Out Party at the Whistle Stop.  We had rehearsal yesterday and there are some very strong writers involved in this thing.