Saturday, September 19, 2009


Going through my photo files yesterday I came across a couple dozen shots of possible half life of memory covers. Some are horrible, others are funny, a couple wildly inappropriate.  I think at some point I'll post some of the best and worst on the blog.  My second favorite is currently the desktop image.

It was about a year ago I decided to get the title of the chapbook faux-tattooed on me.  I thought it would look great and I was right.  I went to a little tattoo shop in Chula Vista, explained what I wanted and somehow charmed the owner into letting one of his artists write on me.  They didn't even charge me.  I came home and took a bunch of shots myself, a couple came out great but they weren't what I wanted.  I called B, he came over and was pure business; within ten shots he had taken the one I wanted.  The "tattoo" on my collarbones made me really want to get a tattoo on my collarbones but I probably never will.

I love this song.  It doesn't start until 50 seconds into the video.  When I saw Eddie Vedder a year and half ago he played this song and it made me cry, on the inside.

Throw Your Arms Around Me
Eddie Vedder

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