Wednesday, September 30, 2009

planet of the earthquakes

Good morning shaky planet.  So much damage in the shifting plates the last few, the raining and the flooding.   Autumn is letting us know. . .  Morning fog, cooler evenings, people wearing jeans.  I closed the window before bed for the first time last night since May.  I don't need to refill the hummingbird feeder every few days, they aren't dehydrated anymore. All the little signs in the shift.

If you'd like to see me live on the internets tonight I will be reading the poem I was commissioned to write by the local PBS station for the Hispanic Heritage Awards Ceremony.  It will be streaming live around 6pm California time.  I'll be reading my poem, Among Heroes, at the end of the program.  It will be archived as well and air on KPBS on Saturday October 10.  My current dilemma is: vintage Mexican sequined circle skirt and gold blouse with red shoes or vintage black/red smock dress with the patent leather black strappy heels?

Yesterday at the rehearsal I felt SO comfortable on stage!  All that rehearsing last week for ProClitvities and then performing in the skimpy little slip I wore, I don't think anything can faze me now.  (famous last words)

I'm excited about heading up to Berkeley in a couple of weeks to visit Geoff Bouvier. We've been chatting and planning a couple of days meals with other poets and used-book shopping.  I miss having him in San Diego. I'm sure we'll bicker half the time but as long as good conversations fill the rest, I'm fine with that.

Days are good.  I'm happy and at peace.  Last night B made tacos while I worked on editing poems.  At a few points I stopped to check in with myself to see if I was holding any tension or anything else in my body, I wasn't.  I am in a very good place.  Yay!

Mazzy Star

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