Thursday, September 17, 2009

two pages ruin a day after making it

My computer crashed yesterday taking with it two pages of new writing I working on that I was very happy with.  The computer came back to life, the writing was gone. I cried and paced around, yelled and cried again.  I am bummed.  I really loved what I was working on and the energy that was feeding it disappeared with spinning beach ball of doom on this old but well-loved Mac of mine.  This machine also took a scholarship essay but I don't really care about that.  I have a call in to a friend of mine who works on Macs.  He almost killed me in the desert once so I figure he owes me one.

In my dreams last night a friend was over and reading my journals aloud to me.  I let him.  Even in the dream it was a feeling of extreme vulnerability, feeling more naked than naked, beyond anything I've felt before.  I woke up with a feeling of a fist in my chest, something clenching but breathed it out and slept until a friend forgot about our time difference and woke me up with an unexpected phone call.  Rattle rattle, shake shake. Good morning world.

The season finale of True Blood was okay.  I thought it was predictable to a certain extent and even told B what I thought was happening and was right.  In true Lizz fashion I dumped a full cup of scalding tea on B just as the show was starting.  Ah, me. No furniture is safe around me. I look forward to Season 3.  

Going to the Casbah tonight to see Gran Sasso play.  Dave, the drummer, is my favorite bartender ever and his band it pretty good.  

On day 3 of chocolate heaven.

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