Thursday, September 10, 2009

what the body does

The body, this body, has a tendency to go a little haywire on me.  Whenever I have a lot on my plate or my emotional state is somehow shifted, my body lets me know. I spend so much time in my head that I often forget that I am encased in a body as well. My shoulders and neck in particular, carry much of my tension.  I have to consciously remind myself several times a day to relax my shoulders and neck. Or just to relax in general.  

I'm preparing for the VAMP: Make-Out Party this Monday.  I very much look forward to it. Having worked in poetry for so long I am pretty excited to venture into a more narrative form, and non-fiction is something I really dig.  Storytelling.  The piece I'm reading is somewhat personal and I am a little hesitant but as Akira Kurosawa said Being an artist means never to avert one's eyes.  I'm not going to be particularly brave, especially considering the content of much of my poetry, but it is easier to hide behind language and form in poetry.  Poems work well when they have secrets.  Prose does too but I think an audience/reader is more likely to forgive or understand a level of emotional reticence in poetry. What fun is there is there is no mystery?

Words You Used to Say
Dean and Britta

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