Saturday, October 10, 2009

the body says rest

And I rest, without choice.  I have my first and hope only cold of the season.  In bed last night by 8, slept on and off through the night, with a sore throat and sneezes and the sinus thing.  Yech.  At one point I think I may have had a fever and in my delirious sate thought I was composing some really interesting lines.  I started at the laptop in bed beside me and wished I had the energy to write them down.  I didn't and of course, this morning they are gone.

So I am sofa sitting all day, wrapped in a thick Mexican blanket, a pot of ginger-lemon tea and herbal remedies. My mom is bringing by chicken soup later.  I have books to read, hours to sleep, phone calls not answer, emails not to write. Rest says my body, I obey.

The Swell Season

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