Friday, October 2, 2009

err on the side of love

Or so said my dear friend at the bar last night.  I am happy happy for this friend, we met a year ago at the Whistle, we were both un-sober, ended up exchanging information and have become very good friends.  He is in love, I somehow played a small hand in it.  It is beautiful to see someone transform under the influence of another person who enhances their life.  My friend glows.

Love, more love and luck to my good friend Cecil who is on a long bike journey from Ashland, Oregon to San Diego.  He has been planning this trip for a while, it is his first long bike journey. I look forward to hearing about his adventures.

I finally had a chance to do some reading last night and then slept dreaming of the book I read. Having a little space is lovely.  Going to bed early is wonderful. 

Thank You
Led Zepellin 

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