Tuesday, October 20, 2009

heh, heh, balls

Bad blogger! I'm tired, very very tired and haven't yet fully recovered from my Berkeley days.  I have to get to the Korean Spa in the next couple of days and sweat out the tired, naked.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Last night we went bowling and watched the Chargers get desroyed by the Broncos. We were at a bowling alley in Chula Vista, everyone wore Charger gear, even me.  Walking into the bar/bowling alley I felt like I was back in high school and all of the Charger gear-wearing people were the people who made me feel like a total freak and weirdo.  I mentioned that to Cecil and he reminded me I probably annoyed the crap out of them with my freak and weirdness, fair enough.

B and Cecil were with me, I love them and love having them as my male besties.  When they get together they speak a language I really can't comprehend, the language of sports nerds. I'm still figuring out what they meant by someone having a glimmer. They talk about coaches and players as if they know them, I am fascinated. One of the few times I have nothing to say.

Bowling with the family was good.  My baby sister flew in from Las Vegas to surprise my dad for his birthday and he was overjoyed to see her and have all of his "babies" together.  I am the worst bowler in the world.  I also yell at my bowling ball.  My beautiful family has fun together. I am very, very lucky.

Some years I care about football, some years I don't.  This year I don't care, although I still kind of follow along and get disappointed when the Chargers lose.  This Sunday the Chargers will play the Chiefs and I'm trying to figure out a good bet for me and my friend R to have on the outcome of the game. Humiliation is key but now that the Chargers are sucking ass so brilliantly and without remorse, I fear I may be the one humiliated.

Sufjan Stevens

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Cecil said...

Your family's birthdays are always fun. I doubt we were talking about a "glimmer," though. Methinks that was a Bezerkly flashback induced by the My Little Pony videoscreens. I'm kind of jealous.