Tuesday, October 27, 2009

holy bovines

And then I get busy, way busy, super busy, wonderful busy and forget to blog. Or, just don't have the energy.  My tweets stay strong because I am kind of addicted to twitter.

I've been translating the poetry of Nara Manur and digging it very much. I've been attempting to do one rough translation a day.  I picked up her book in Cuba a couple years ago.  For some reason I had it on the shelf on my bookshelf I keep for books I'm embarrassed to have read. Pretty good shit.  I called my friend Laura in Cuba and she is putting me in touch with Mansur, I hope, so that I can run a few things by her. 

I've been asked to read the poem I wrote for KPBS Local Hispanic Hero Awards at the Chula Vista City Council meeting next week.  Pretty cool.  

Working on my Halloween costume with my friend Andy's girlfriend who is a costumer.  Today I should finish the zebra chaps and start designing the make-up.  I don't now what we're doing yet for Halloween but I'm sure it will be brilliant.  We can't drink as much this year because B has to work Sunday morning but that is probably a good thing considering the hangover last November 1.  I love my costume, I love it!! I was prancing around the apartment complex last night showing it off to the neighbors.  I make a damn good zebra and kind of love having a tail.

I miss La Creep and haven't seen her since the Cat Power concert almost 2 months ago.  We talk daily but I miss her in my guest room  and I miss her on my sofa watching bad reality dating shows on VH1, she is wonderful to feel morally superior with. She may be coming down November 8 for a reading I think I'm doing.  The bookstore that scheduled it scheduled it last year and I've never heard from them again.   

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division


vanityimpaired said...

Joy Division makes my lactating passage sparkle whilst coming to your nocturnal aid against all intruders, like a vampire staggering nobly through daylight, with xylitol smiles and viscous simultania dancing in my dreams.

Lizz Huerta said...

if you had been there with your lactating or any other passage when the intruder came into my apt there would have been no joy, only division from your life and that would have been more painful for me than the pain of all the undead sunbathing at once.