Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it moves

Interesting how illness moves through the body.  Last night on the sofa I thought of the journey of this crap infection and how it started as an itch in my nose, moved to my throat and sat in my sinuses for a couple of days.  It then transformed into an itch in my throat and now it is a burning in my lungs.  My sinuses are better, my throat fine but my breathing hurts.  I know this is the last stage and it somehow is the hardest.  I remembered something my acupuncturist said to me about lungs being the organs of grief and it makes sense to me, especially when my lungs are aching.  

In late June at VONA I met a vibrant woman and had lunch with her a few times.  She looked me straight in the eye when we spoke, never faltering, I loved it. We chatted for hours about travel and writing, swapping funny stories and giving each other advice on where to go.  She convinced me I need to visit the Middle East and told me wonderful stories about the markets in Syria and how I would be enchanted. We told funny stories about our fathers.  It was an easy and quick camaraderie, rare.  She was completely present in every moment. She passed away last week after a battle with breast cancer.  My heart and thoughts go out to the family of Leila Abu Sala.  She was beautiful, she made me laugh.

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