Monday, October 5, 2009

the morning after a family party

Yesterday was my beautiful sister Deanna's 28th birthday.
My sisters and aunts and I took shots

Over 100 people showed up

We let the boy cousins work the grill my dad made out of an oil drum.

I love love love my family.  What a crazy group of people.  Everyone laughs with , argues with talks shit about, forgives, teases, supports, and adores each other.  There were so many people at the party that I kept sneaking away to my old bedroom to sit with Shadow the Beast of a dog and relax away from the noise and crowd.  

I've finally given enough family members the death eye that they don't ask anymore why I'm not married, dating or knocked up. They ask polite questions about my writing (even thought no one has ever asked to see anything I've written), and they ask about my travels, always assuming I'm off on adventures.  Sometimes they ask about old flames of mine saying things like He was so nice, then ask how old I am and raise their eyebrows.  Oh culture.

Good things are happening.  Is it the famed Saturn return my dolphin-worshipping friends speak so highly of? 

B and Cecil have both been out of town and yesterday my car broke down and I realized I had no one to come rescue me.  Lesson learned, I now own my own jumper cables.

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