Sunday, October 18, 2009

thanks for the crazy and the love

Back from my days with Geoff Bouvier in Berkely, very tired and very happy.  I really do wonderful friends and my time with Geoff was wonderful.  We had many many great conversations about poetry and such and also spent a great amount of time in comfortable silence together, a sign of true friendship, at least for me. Home I have a lot running through my mind and it will take a few days to decompress from the experience.  But it was great. I have so much to think about.

Home and happy, B picked me up last night, made me a great dinner while I did my best to meld my body into the sofa.  He is coming back in a few to make me waffles.  My life is pretty kick-ass. This afternoon I have my novel group and am looking forward to the minds coming together.  This evening quiet time.

she was only in it for the rain
Rocky Votolato

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