Saturday, October 3, 2009

wanting v. happening

I really do exhaust myself at times.  Last night my plan was to go to the City College Book Fair, see Ana Castillo read, say hello to her, get home and to bed early with a book.  I don't regret what really happened and my sleepy head this morning wonders when I will learn to shut off the ringer on my phone since my dad loves to assume I've died of an aneurysm if I don't call him by 9am and is sure to call, worried.

Last night I went for Sushi with Elena Velasquez, a member of my So Cal Writing group, I don't know how we managed to get any food in our mouths we were so excited talking about what's going on in our writing practices.  We went to see Ana read and ran into New York poet Willie Perdomo and chatted for a while.  After the reading I ended up going to the Whistle with Willie for a couple of beers and after he left I ended up in a very intense conversation with the editor of a literary magazine that has accepted my work.  It was actually pretty fun to have a debate with someone who was willing to go to bat for their beliefs.  I didn't make it home before midnight, sleepy and had no energy for the book on my nightstand.

Heading to the City College Book Fair later this morning and then to my parent's house to paint their fence in preparation for a huge party they're having tomorrow. 

I have so many things I want to write and work on but life, man, life just takes over sometimes. I love my life, my family and friends but need some ass-kicking to get into the writing sometimes.

Lovely writing and photographs on my friend Cecil's site.  I hope he continues writing about his journey from Oregon to San Diego on bicycle.  

In my odd dreams I had a baby I called Plum, she was tiny, clung to me sweetly and for some reason a secret.  It was really strange but kind of beautiful.

I am not your carpet ride. No, you're not, but you would be lovely if you were. . .

I am the Highway
(future husband) Chris Cornell

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