Thursday, November 19, 2009

bah, morning

Note to self: no red wine on weeknights.

Last night The Latent Print had their submission party at the Whistle Stop.  It sounds very kinky and all but no such wonderment.  It was a about getting people to submit to the journal.  They premiered the art film of my poem love poem to myself since no one else has bothered to write one. I was really nervous about seeing it and slurped down two glasses of wine rather quickly and am paying the price for it this morning,  Don't do that. But the little film was great!  It was weird seeing myself on screen but totally kind of cool too.  I may have to go into acting. 

There was also a late-night adventure involving being locked out of my apartment.  Because of recent nocturnal activity that has me hyper-vigilant, there was no way to break in. I considered putting a ladder on the roof of my car to break into the kitchen window but instead was able to wake up my apartment manager for the spare key.

Last night at the Whistle they also showed a short film called Fishbowl, directed by the late Kayo Hatta.  It was pretty damn good.  I enjoyed the writing in it a lot.  Very much had a sense of place and time and the characters were rockin'.

Yesterday was a good day.  It has been a good week.  Going to LA tomorrow for the weekend and I'm crazy excited to see Ray Lamontagne.  How about a little Ray for the blog today? Sounds goof, sounds very good.  I love him.  I'm going to cry my eyes out if he sings this song.

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