Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the dead, the living, other incidentals.

I made my Day of the Dead altar this weekend.  On the altar I have my grandfather, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, B's grandmothers and a couple of friends of his who passed last year.  I love the ritual of creating the altar.  Last night I lit the candles and sat in front of it for a long time remembering my grandfather.  Pretty beautiful.  The full moon had me a little crazy last night  Full moon and Day of the Dead, intense.

Halloween was a blast.  I can't post my entire costume because it was pretty racy.  B was the Joker in the nurse uniform which people loved. I never saw the Dark Night so it was out of context for me.  We had people over to my place for dinner and then took the crowd the the Whistle where we danced our booties off.  Pretty great Halloween, today, Tuesday, I may finally have recovered.  There were a couple of minor adventures including a man who followed me out of the bar screaming Latina! Latina! He then told B You want to keep your Latina happy?  Keep her in the kitchen! I am no one's Latina.  I belong to me, quite happily.

Lots of writing planned today.  Locking myself in my office until this afternoon.  I'm reading my Heroes poem at the opening of the Chula Vista City Council Meeting today at 4.

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