Thursday, November 5, 2009

I attempt to catch up

I have been weirdly busy but not really busy at all.  I've been working on new writing all week, some new poems and a couple of longer pieces.  My life fills up quickly too, with all the friends I attempt to keep up with and then the down time I try (and often fail) to take for myself.  

I have been having trouble sleeping.  I had an unfortunate incident a couple of weeks ago with an intruder in my home in the middle of the night and ever since I've been very jumpy.  Every little noise wakes me up and as a result I have been exhausted during the days.  I wasn't hurt, only terrified, there are worse things.

I didn't get a scholarship to Key West Literary Seminar but I did get a very nice financial aid package.  I have to pay for my own airfare and it is pretty dang expensive.  I have a decision to make, car insurance or Key West?  Key West wins.  

I have a reading this Sunday at 3pm at Open Door Books in Pacific Beach.  An open mic will follow.  I will debut some new stuff I dig, try it on, see how it feels. The reading starts at 3pm. Come on down, say hello!

I just heard Cafe Tacuba is coming to House of Blues on the 25th of this month.  Can I handle it?  Can I?!?!

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