Saturday, November 21, 2009

sung out, wrung out

Last night I finally got to see Ray Lamontagne for the first time, at the Orpheum in LA. I wept. I was also incredibly tired so extra emotional. I loved the show. Just him and his guitar and that voice that enters me like a ghost or knife and tears me up inside. The theatre was gorgeous, but I didn't care. All I cared about was seeing the man whose voice has had me entranced for years. He was chattier than I thought he would be. He was funny in a quiet way and seemed not as shy as I imagined him to be. B and I had seats way up high, almost at the back of the theatre. I wanted at several points to punch people in the crowd who were shouting out idiotic things. It may be one of my pet peeves at concerts, though I know it comes with the territory of live music. But he was soft-spoken and when the crowd was shouting and yelling out their absurdities I couldn't hear him and was annoyed. He sang almost all of my favorite songs. I cried through at least half the set, with joy, and some deep sorrow his voice brings out in me. The collar of my shirt was soaking wet by the time we left. The people we were with wanted to go out after for a drink but I needed to be in my solitude and contemplation, I still am in it. Holy crap. I'm thrilled we get to see him again tonight and that our seats are better. We're still rather high up but not as high up as last night. I was emotionally exhausted after the show and slept deeply. I wish poetry had the same effect on crowds of people. It should, but people don't know how to listen.

This morning I've been sitting with some Alberto Rios poems and getting lost in the language:

The curious lavender attentions to itself of the jacaranda
Stopped me, as through the leaves and small avenues

In late summer I made my way in love toward you.
The trees flowering was an intimacy I had not earned,

I can barely breathe when language like that is before me. I wish I could wear it as perfume, put it on my wrists so all day I could stop to smell it pulsing along the vein there.

I am so ready for more life.


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New Haiku said...

Loved hearing your words in my ear feeling you love me. Yes, we will have to visit soon. This particular entry in your blog reminds me so much of why you and I are close and will always be, the continent between us melts away when I see your name on my phone! I listened to your posting of this guy below...I can hear why you love his voice and are transformed into pure heart by his words...