Saturday, November 14, 2009

work, more work, and then some

Things are taking off in lovely ways.  I haven't blogged in a few but only because I've been so damn busy and have been writing a lot in the mornings. Since I've blogged last I had my reading at Open Door Books, I read with the love Diane Gage.  Last night I read at Freedoms of Expression, a new event sponsored by the So Say We All, Train of Thought and the ACLU.  I was blown away by how many people showed up!  It was a packed house. There were singers, slam poets, prose writers and me..  The uber-talented Rob Williams read a great piece about marriage equality. The event may be a regular thing and it should be. 

I went to LA on Thursday to see a reading at the central library and ran into Lorna Dee Cervantes. We hung out afterward for a few hours and had some beautiful conversations.  I love her, I love her work and I love everything about her.  Yeah, I'm gushing, but how freaking rad is it to get to hang out with one of your favorite poets?  Juan Felipe Herrera 

Tonight I filmed a piece for the Latent Print.  We filmed one of my poems for their show at the Whistle Stop on Wednesday.  I am damn excited.  Pretty much it will look like I have a twin sister but that's all I can say, you'll have to watch it. I love performing, I can't lie. The show starts at 8, it will be brilliant. Brilliant!! Come.

Still having sleep issues from my intruder, I wrote a poem about it trying to move through it, around it, to get to the other side.  I fall asleep fine but if there are any other noises in the apartment I lose my shit and have mini panic attacks. It will get better.

Spent some loving time yesterday at the Peace School with La Creep and Baby D.  Peace school is pretty damn cool.  I got to be a pre-schooler again.  I painted rocks, sat in a tiny, tiny chair and had a lot of fun reading the kiddies Chika Chika Boom Boom. I used different voices.  Love kids, but being around so many I think my ovaries sealed themselves shut.  In loving news, Baby D has decided he is a super hero.  When asked what he is fighting for he says social justice. Hell. Yeah.


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