Thursday, December 10, 2009

the featured artist

I am the artist of the month at The Latent Print. Check it out.

More rain is on the way so I should get outdoors today. Walk a little. Enjoy the blue of the sky while I can. I look forward to the Winter Solstice. The sky darkening so early throws me into a hibernating mood. I really am a summer/spring person. I was talking to my friend Ilya the other day about how much I hate December and he told me that the poet Anna Akhmatova hated the month of August. Last year my December was a boozy blur. The year before that I spent my December at the boxing gym, exhausting myself. This year I'm dealing.

My grandfather is in the hospital. He's 84 years old, a World War II vet. His mind seems to be slipping. He told me the other day I'm 84 years old, I survived World War II, your poetry is really something, they're doing everything they can do. Sad as it was to hear his rambling, there was something poetic about it.

I made Shepherd Pies last night for Beau and Cecil. Cecil is vegan, Beau is gluten-free. I had quite the culinary adventure yesterday making two different batches of food at the same time . I had the vegan spoon and the gluten-free spoon. I had the vegan gravy and potatoes and the g-free batch. It drove me a little crazy but the result was that B & C loved the meal. Cooking is soothing to me. I really love being in the kitchen and creating meals from scratch. It satisfies me.

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