Monday, December 7, 2009


It was lovely to wake up to rain this morning. I plan on staying in and finishing edits on my Home for the Holidays piece for So Say We All.

I woke up after dreams of long-distance travel. My horoscope this morning said to stop daydreaming about travel and make some plans. I wish. I am at the weird point of having no idea what's coming next in my life. I know I'm going to Key West. I know my friend Geoff is moving in with me next month. That's about it. In the fantasy camp of my mind I imagine putting everything in storage and taking off for a long time. I wonder if I've become comfortable in my life or if I'm just scared of taking risks because the last few times I have, things have not gone too well in the end. I was talking to my friend Andy last week about how in my mind I have this idea of who I am and how I live but I don't really actualize that self. Or, it's just December and I always get the existential blues this time of year.

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