Wednesday, February 24, 2010

brief reflections on the end of 30

Not a bad year.

The Highs:
Key West Literary Seminar
Riding my bike more
B & Cecil best local besties
Many, many new poems
some interesting new experiences I can't talk about on the internet.

The Lows:
Saying goodbye to Shadow
Saying goodbye to Leonard
Only two new chapters to the novel (but I did rewrite everything at one point)
Work slowing down to almost nothing

Not a bad year, much better than the previous two. It would have been much worse. Tomorrow B and I are going to Disneyland. Friday night Raquel and Reina are coming down from L.A. to go see Robert Karimi's new show. Saturday is Kat's bachelorette party ( I really hope no male strippers are involved. . .) Sunday is my mama's birthday. Monday is Cecil's birthday. And the first. So busy. I look forward to Tuesday.

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