Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm back, perhaps

I know, world's worst blogger. December had me cranky, January I froze in Key West and then my lazy switch was flipped and there was nothing I could do about it. Since last I wrote I had a roommate and lost him. I met and hung out with Judy Blume. I made Billy Collins laugh hard at something I said whilst tipsy. I introduced Paul Muldoon to the wonderful world of duct tact competitions. I wrote many poems, a few I really like. I've discovered Tofu House and love it. I've practiced cooking with seitan. My beautiful old dog Shadow passed; a few days before that I was with Cecil as he put beloved old Leonard down. It was been a rough year for old dogs. I had a reading at Voz Alta for the first time in years and realized I'm more or less grown up. I've let go of old ghosts or demons. B got me a deep fryer for Christmas and I'm hoping the honeymoon stage of that gorgeous beast of an appliance is almost over. A new Elliott Smith song was released, I cried. The new Sade came out and I've already memorized it. I've walked away from something mostly wonderful because I saw the writing on the wall. I've planted nasturtiums. I cut down the dying jasmine. My circadian rhythm is swinging back into a normal phase. I've held friends as they cried. I've gone to the zoo a lot. I've been tipsy and had some tipsy adventures. I've met some people I hope to know a long time. I learned how to body paint. I've ridden my bike more. I cut the tip of my thumb off but it grew back surprisingly fast. I've been an enabler. I've been enabled. I made orange juice from the trees in my parent's back yard. I'm moving into better things, better living. I'm ten days away from 31. I'm digging my life.

Elliott Smith

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Chris said...

Glad you're back. Sorry about your dog. We lost Phoebe in February. It was hard. I understand your grief.