Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dreams, again

I spend a lot of time thinking about my dreams in the morning. I have the best dreaming life.

Last night I was in my dream world and one of my mentors was with me. He insisted we go to a cove I've never visited, though I have often heard of it. We went and as usual, it was dusk. Gathered at the sea wall, which was at the bottom of a hill, a small crowd was gathered watching the sea. To the south of us, in a small cove, the ruins of an ancient civilization were partially submerged in water, the domes of the buildings rising out of the waves. Several old olive trees were growing out of the water. I went to sea wall to see what everyone was looking at. The sea wall faced a bay and in the bay were several seals staring back at us. They were very still. Around me people commented that maybe they were dead. I made eye contact with one of the seals and it swam quickly toward the sea wall and leapt out the water and landed right in front of me, his upper body balancing on the wall, his face a few inches from mine. For some reason I wasn't scared and and just started back at him. He leaned closer and breathed heavily, hot breath into my face and with his mind told me to turn around. When I did I saw many other seals had leapt out of the water and were congregating in a circle. I turned back to my seal just in time to see him transform into a man. The other seals transformed as well and began dancing some sort of indigenous dance. All the dancers were tall slender brown men with long black hair. My seal (though I don't know why he was mine) took my hands and danced with me. I was overcome with emotion, joy, relief. All sorts of things. I woke up for a few minutes and fell back asleep, right into another dream.

I was sleeping in the desert with some people I've met briefly in this world. We woke up and one of the men pulled out a small cactus covered in buttons and I knew immediately it was peyote. We each ate a button. In my dream hallucination I remember watching a squirrel dancing, over and over again. Then I was asleep under a blanket, I knew I was breast feeding someone and when I lifted the blanket, it was a young man in his twenties. I wasn't freaked out at the time. I told him to go away. I sat alone there, my blanket wrapped around me. I woke up.

What a fertile imagination I must have, what a subconscious.

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