Saturday, March 13, 2010

to write and write some more, and live

Getting ready for National Poetry Month, I have a project in the works wherein I'l be posting not only a poem a day but prompts as well, for other writers. I'll link to that when all is ready. If I get my things together in time.

Heading to Mexico in a couple of weeks to spend a week with my grandparents in the tiny village where my father was born. A town that is pretty much a memory of a town. But I'm eager to do some family research. I have a half-uncle who is writing a book about my paternal grandfather, a man I barely knew and I want to get some facts straight and maybe get some material for a little writing myself. I'm trying to budget to buy a video camera before then so I can do interviews with some of the elders in town about traditional medicine. They all think I'm weird but whatever. I usually don't like going to visit but now that I have a project I'm hoping the visit will be better.

The wedding yesterday was beautiful, I cried and cried during the ceremony. Both the bride and groom have children from previous relationships and they included them in the ceremony. I was able to spend some quality time with women I love. We laughed and talked like sisters. I wish we had more chances to spend time together. I had one truly spectacular moment of joy, one of those two-second moments I'll probably revisit over and over to remind myself that I can be overcome with happiness.

Last night I went to Voz Alta to see Bonafide Rojas read. Good stuff. Last time I saw him read was in 2003. I enjoy his work, he has a narrative that works.

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