Friday, April 9, 2010

Literary Death Match

Come support me at Literary Death Match next week! I'm excited and nervous. I haven't really competed before but whatever, it will be fun.

Lots going on these days, work is kicking my ass and writing poems every day is kicking my ass too. This weekend I have a wedding reception, a dinner party and I'm shooting for a personal day on Sunday. Massage and nothing but writing. I hope, I hope.

On Facebook I keep seeing posts from friends who are AWP in Denver. I'm a little jealous, I would love to go mingle and meet other writers but it just didn't pan out this year. And all those crowds would probably drive me crazy.

I'm thinking of building a house in Mexico on my grandmother's land. I got so much writing done down there that I am having little jealous rages inside of myself that I don't have that kind of time here. I can build a little studio apartment for about $3000. I can handle that. A place to get away and after I milk the cows in the morning I can lock my doors and write. I mentioned it to my dad and he loves the idea. We will see.

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Elena said...

Ahh, I'm bummed I missed this event! I have been an out of the loop writer lately but I finally sat my ass down today to edit. Judging by your latest blog, it sounds like the competition went well- awesome!