Monday, April 19, 2010

maybe it won't be about writing

My forthcoming Mexico trip is turning into a party. More relatives keep signing up and last night I found out one of my favorite cousins is going too. We're all on the same flight. My cousin is 28 so I'm pretty sure we're going to be pretty un-sober most of the time. My cousin is also a chef so I'm going to be making sure I steal many recipes.

Last night I went to bed and as I was dozing off, lines to a new poem came to me. This has happened in the past and as much as I try to remember the next day, I can never grasp the energy of that initial birth. I got out of bed, grumbling and wrote first drafts of two short poems then I couldn't get back to sleep. Bah. I like sleeping, I love being in my dream world. Too few hours there and I feel cheated.

Going to the Padres game with the family and B tonight. My baby sister is coming into town so we should have a good time. I look forward to the people watching. B and I found out the beer bus from our favorite bar is going to the Mariners game again this year and are super excited. Last year we had a blast and paid with very severe hangovers, lost articles of clothing and random bruising. This year we're going to try to be smart about our imbibing.

I need to stop counting my damn chickens before they hatch, man. Things fall apart.

I'm really enjoying Treme on HBO. Great writing, characters and cast. I'm also happy The United States of Tara is back. These shows will hold me over until my real obsession, True Blood, returns. I don't watch a lot of television but LOVE good shows like these.

Saul was my 90's dream man. I see him and it makes me want to put my Doc Martens back on.

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