Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the shortest 3 minutes ever

Yesterday I timed my short fiction piece for Literary Death Match (tonight!! come!!!) and was frustrated that my piece was about five minutes long and the time limit is three minutes. And I have this weird thing about some rules, I like to follow them. I stop completely at stop signs, I don't eat the nuts out of the bulk bins and grocery stores, I don't download music illegally. What a nerd! So I spent much of the afternoon editing my story down and timing myself. I'm a little bummed since I cut some lines I really like but in the end, the heart of the story didn't change and I still find it funny. I will be super-bummer face if everyone else ignores the 3-minute rule. Now I can compare the ultra-light version of the story to the longer one and see what is really necessary after all.

In happier news I've won the battle with my sewing machine. I've tamed it into submission and it is now doing my will. I'm going to attempt a couple of skirts for Mexico. I realized my wardrobe is Mexico inappropriate. My shirts are too tight (though, really, not much I can do about that. . .), the skirts and shorts too short and all of my baby doll dresses give me the appearance of being pregnant. So, I may need to buckle down and go modest for a few days. Bah.

In an ideal world mornings would be like a Soul Train Line Dance.

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