Wednesday, April 14, 2010

to the death!

Last night was Literary Death Match at UCSD. I had a nice little cheering crowd, B, Andy, Ayiiia, her girlfriend Monica and a friend of theirs. A few other people I know were in the audience, it was a great crowd. I read my short story "Birds" and the crowd dug it. I was pretty nervous because the man I was competing against was really good and did a hilarious piece called "Atheist Man." The judges liked my piece, especially the line about "hemp panties" and I won the round. The final round was musical chairs and my skinny little butt lost. But I had a wonderful time. The other writers were a really talented bunch, I enjoyed everything I heard, especially Eber Lambert's hilarious story about why god has abandoned humans. It was probably one of the best literary events I've been to. There wasn't a dull moment all night. Thanks to Shaunna McKenna for inviting me to me a part of it and to Todd Zuniga for bringing the event to San Diego.

I woke up with a headache, I had a headache before I went to bed. I have an idea of what is making my head hurt but I think I'm going to ignore it. Very adult of me.

Again, I've fallen behind on my poem-a-day but I will remedy that today. I have to write either a love poem or anti-love poem for the prompt from yesterday and "(BLANK) Island.)" I can't say what my first thought was for "blank island" but it shows me that I may be starting the day off on a cranky foot and should probably fix that.

I had this song on repeat yesterday. It makes me dance.

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Andy said...

We love our Lizz!!!:)