Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is not a Carpenter's song

Even though it is raining and a Monday, but I'll probably get the song stuck in my head anyway. No matter, I freaking love the Carpenters.

Smiling after a pretty damn good weekend.

Don't forget to support me tomorrow night at Literary Death Match. I have my story ready and I'm pretty excited and a little nervous. But whatever, I love performing and I've been trying to get into my fiction so it will be great.

I bought a ticket back to Mexico on a whim yesterday. I knew I wanted to go back but then realized I really really want to go back. I know I complained but man, I got so much writing done down there. Here the days fly by and I have writing I need to do. I'm only going down for five days but I hope I'll get a couple of chapters of my novel knocked out and I hope to finish a creepy short story I started this weekend.

Cecil and I saw Greenberg yesterday and both hated it. The NYT review says it is the funniest and saddest Baumbach film ever made and I disagree. There are maybe 2-3 laugh aloud moments and saddest part is that I am never getting those 2 hours of my life back. There was an aftershock in the middle of the movie which was the most interesting part for me. It did have an incredibly awkward sex scene which was cringe-worthy but I was not in a cringe-friendly mood as B and I watched Big Fan on Saturday night and I was all cringed out. don't know which movie I disliked more. Maybe I have poor taste in film but Big Fan made me so uncomfortable I spent the last 20 minutes of the movie with a sofa pillow over my head. Life is already uncomfortably unbearable enough at time, why take my suspension of disbelief there too?

I've fallen behind of my Poem-a-Day but hope to catch up today while the weather is wet.

I'd love to see these guys on Thursday but the show is sold out.

And if you don't know what Carpenter's song I was referring to. I think Karen Carpenter looks like Lambchop.

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