Friday, May 28, 2010

10 for Friday morning

1. The reading went well last night. I read my piece and was happy with it. The other performers did a good job. The audience said "awwww" at the part I thought they would.

2. The full moon had me in a hell of a mood. That and the PMS monster.

3. B is very, very patient with me and my occasional tantrums. Thank you B. You're a great friend.

4. Old ghosts abound. I'd rather not remember.

5. This morning I video-chatted for an hour with my old mentor in Mexico. He is fighting cancer but looks good. He had a kitten crawling all over him which made me smile. He would have made me smile sans kitten, he always does. One of these years I'm going to sit for a portrait by him. His paintings ring something inside of me.

6. Don't mix beer, champagne and whiskey.

7. I'm trying to change the conversations I have with myself.

8. A mockingbird has taken up residence near my window. His song reminds me of being a teenager and jumping out my window at night. The neighborhood would be silent except for a mockingbird who imitated car alarms. I'd watch stars and smoke.

9. I'm curious as to why the hummingbirds aren't coming to my feeder.

10. I'm trying to look at things with new eyes but old patterns are a curse.

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