Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I reached my goal of $250 for the writing marathon yesterday, thanks to Drew Weinbrenner. I'm going to write him a great poem, though in truth he already inspired a really good poem back in January. Or the adventure he took me on inspired a poem I enjoy. I've never read the poem, The Russian Stripper Wants a Wife, at a reading but will perhaps put it into rotation. Drew, you owe me a CD from those cute buskers, btw. But if anyone out there would still like to sponsor me, please, please do.

I have an Aimee Mann poem brewing in me that I may have to work on during the write-a-thon. She may be the only musician I've listened to for years without taking any breaks. I'm a daily listener. Her song writing skills kill me. I love her voice as well but her ability to tell a story really blows me away. I've actually never seen her play. La Creep went last year and I really wanted to go but she was going on a date and third wheel is nothing I ever want to be.

Going to see The Morning Benders tonight. *happy dance*

Last night my Uncle Omar called to tell me he and my aunt are taking my recently widowed grandmother to San Miguel de Allende and my heart had a little attack of jealousy. I want to go. I want to revisit that little corner of my life, sit in the haunts, torture the old men.

Really good news forthcoming. Something I wanted fell into my lap and I am excited and terrified. I'm an adult! I'm an adult! Weird as fuck but awesome as well.

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