Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm better. Sleep and letting loose have made all the difference. Saturday night Andy and I went to see the Finches, but the show was cancelled so we went to a fancy dinner instead. It was great. Andy congratulated me on living, which I thought was kind of funny but the more I thought about it I realized I really have been hibernating very seriously for a while. The last couple of weeks, difficult as they've been, have kicked my ass into better things. Andy is one of the greats, one of those friends I am constantly happy to know. He fell into my life one drunk night at the Whistlestop years ago. I am grateful I was so drunk and that C left me there and I needed someone to walk me home. I'm glad it was Andy.

Sponsor me! Please. I want to write you poems.

I have a poem I was going to abandon writing but I sent it to a pen-pal poet friend and he encouraged me to keep working on it. I thought it was a half-assed poem but this morning received an email from beloved pen-pal poet friend who said he wished he had written it and he is a damn good poet. I was about to send the poem to my amputee folder but I'm happy I've been convinced otherwise.

Being convinced otherwise; I am a fan.

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