Friday, May 21, 2010

over the mountain, singing

Lovely advice from William Zinnser from the American Scholar. I enjoyed his On Writing Well.

Im rehearsing my piece for V.A.M.P. tomorrow. Yesterday I told my sister about it and she laughed her ass off, which was pretty fucked up. She asked me why I had been so dumb and I had to remind her I was twelve years old. I actually teared up, 19 years after the prank was played on me. Emotions are such strange monsters with long tentacles. No wonder I'm often such a walled city. I had an idea on how to rewrite my piece and may try to do that this afternoon.

Blustery weather predicted this weekend.

Today I am going to try to use scatological in a sentence.

Renounce temporal obligations. If you sing to me, Brendan Perry, I will do pretty much anything.

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