Thursday, May 13, 2010

poet for sale

Friends, Lovers, Familia,

On May 23 I'll be participating in San Diego Writer's, Ink Blazing Laptops Writing Marathon. I will write for 8 hours straight, kind of like a blood drive but I'll be driving words. I need sponsors, the whole point of this is to raise money for SDWINK, a local non-profit for writers. So I am selling my words.

San Diego Writers, Ink holds great classes and workshops. I've met a couple of great experiences there, and even a roommate. And, I enjoy the classes. I'm currently on the board of directors and can tell you times are tough for a non-profit. We need your lovin'.

For a $50 donation I will write you a poem on any subject you want. Get creative, challenge me. Even if I hate the subject, for $50 I will write a poem on it, just for you. And your money. Unless I can go to jail for it, picky anything.

For a $100 donation I will write you a one page short story on any subject. You can show it to your friends and say "This is the story I had commissioned. . " Come on, you know you want one.

For $300, baby, you can have whatever you want, any way you want it. On the page.

When the writing marathon is over I'll publish the writings to my blog for the world to see, with your permission of course. When you make your donations email me at lizzhuerta at gmail dot com to tell me what your donation was and what you want me to write. If you can't afford a piece on your own have a friend co-sponsor a poem with you. I promise I'll write as if drunk.

Even if you can only donate $5 I will love you or at least pretend to for a moment.

here is the link to my donor page:

Thrill me, sponsor me. Thank you in advance.


Feel free to send this along to anyone you think would like to be a patron of my art. . .

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