Friday, May 14, 2010


My off period seems to be ending, though I am still without wheels and therefore, without work, or money. But I love solitude and I have been having a wonderful alone time. I wake up, water my plants, sit on my balcony with my cup of coffee and daydream. Emotionally, I am still exhausted but recharging. I haven't felt like myself in days, which actually has been good for me. I got out of a long rut and am ready to attack new adventures.

Benn tentatively working on a few new poems. My heart is sore at the loss of momentum in the short stories I was working on before everything went to shit. Late last night I was reading something I wrote in Mexico the last time I was there and I was pretty damn nostalgic for the intensity I was working with. It will return.

A blast from the past came back and saved my ass yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kareem Amin. And again, thank you.

I love this song.

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