Saturday, June 5, 2010

lights out

My good friend Adam is in town for the weekend. We had a pretty great evening, I dragged him out with me even though he wanted to stay in and draw. We went to visit his old high school best friend and she offered him an art show in August. I'm thrilled for him, while he is terrified. We ate at the taco truck then went to the bar for a drink. When we got back to my place were here for about 5 minutes when the power went out. I forgot there was a scheduled outage but was prepared anyway. I brought out my camping lantern, lit candles and made the best out of it.

We sat in my office, listening to Dead Can Dance. I drank wine while Adam sketched silently. It was lovely. Adam asked if he could draw me and I of course said yes, who doesn't want to be drawn? He did several studies of my face, in his particular style while I daydreamed, drank wine and composed a poem in my head. Lisa Gerard's and Brendan Perry's gorgeous voices in the room with us. I read from the book of Thomas Merton Adam carries as his favorite and I learned a thing or two.

I was thinking of our 17 years of friendship, meeting at the drama room in high school and all that has passed between us. Adam was my first love, the young, sweet inexperienced joy that only comes once in a lifetime. We were such weird kids, spending hours together on the phone in silence while he drew and I wrote. We didn't even really see each other much back then, Adam had already graduated high school and I was 14/15. Our relationship consisted of phone calls and notes. I'm glad it was that way instead of the connected-at-the-hip typical high school romance. I learned early on (though I've certainly back-slided more than once) about having space in a relationship. Adam was (and is) extremely well-read and he introduced me to a world of books and music I didn't know existed. Our break-up was amicable and we've remained good friends. Last night while he was drawing me , (which he hasn't done since we were teenagers) he told me the last time I drew your eyes they were innocent. I asked him if I looked jaded and he said no, that I looked like I have lived. True.

The lights came back on eventually and the spell of the evening faded. I went to bed and slept deeply, dreaming of someone I know. I slept in for once and woke up rested. I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom yesterday and I am so happy with how it looks and feels. I'm happy with how I feel.

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