Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I sat alone on the beach for a few hours, alternately reading and napping. It was sublime. I noticed that all the solo beach goers tend to scatter along the dunes. I sit by the dunes because they provide cover from the wind and there aren't as many children screaming around, throwing sand. Last night I sat alone at a bar for dinner and a glass of wine, which turned into several glasses of wine poured by the hand of the generous bartender. I slept early, dreaming strange dreams. I woke up around 2:40, freezing. I guess Spring still has her claws in the nights.

I love the movie Before Sunset. I remember seeing it in 2006. When I went to Paris later that year I spent a day trying to trace their footsteps in the movie. I loved Before Sunrise when I was a teenager but as an adult it didn't resonate with me. But the sequel. I sat in the theatre as the credits rolled, crying. The dialogue killed me. It still kills me. The tension between the characters is painfully beautiful. The song I'm posting from the movie is lovely. I am in the mood for running away from everything, packing my backpack and tearing off for one of those adventures I had when I was younger. But, it just isn't that easy anymore. I wonder if it ever will be again.

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