Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I woke up last night and my bed was shaking. I swore there was an earthquake. I waited it out and realized it was a really long earthquake. I got out of bed and realized I was shaking, not the earth. I was shaking hard. I wasn't frightened, it was very strange. My body just decided to shake. I sat down and made myself concentrate on my breathing until the shaking stopped. I woke up this morning and the clocks in my apartment were reset. Maybe my massage last night did something to my body but I can't explain the clocks. Very odd indeed.

I've been reading and rereading the Erica Jong poem The Evidence. I especially love part 4:

Evidence of love?
I imagine our two heads
sliced open like grapefruits,
pressed each half to half
& mingling acid juice
in search of sweet.

I imagine all my dreams
sliding out into your open skull--
as if I were the poet,
you the reader.

I dig the grapefruit image. I am collecting images to steal from myself.

I'm struggling with a short story. I can't find the ending. I started it in Mexico in May and I've lost the motivation to finish it. Gah.

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