Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on heat and theta inducing writing

The days are hot but I am overjoyed even as my skin burns and I sweat and my clothes stick to my body. I was made for heat. I feel languid, more myself than ever. I'm happiest and most active in the Spring but Summer, the thick press of it drives me into a part of my mind that's sensual, dark, moving. Last night a late walk through the neighborhood showed me I'm not the only one. The moon was full and people were sitting in their yards, kids playing in the street, friendly folks nodding hello as we walked up and down the streets. I love my neighborhood.

I started The Time of the Doves by Merce Rodoreda. When I read writers who write like this I wonder why I even bother trying to be a writer. Then I kick myself in the ass and remind myself writing is a lifetime consecration. Her writing, very stream of consciousness, reminds me of Marguerite Duras, who wrote The Lover, one of my favorite books, and a very sexy movie as well. Both these women write in a way that is hypnotic, they tap into some primal wave state in my brain, theta maybe, and pull me in so that when I look up from the page I barely recognize the world I am in. What a gift.

I find female writers able to induce this hypnosis more than men. And writers who don't write in English. Interesting. I find when I'm translating the work of others from Spanish to English then turn back to my own work, something has shifted and my writing has a thread of otherworldly in it, at least to my own eyes. Same goes for when I'm writing in another country. I wonder if brain waves differ when we think in different languages, for those of us who are bi/multilingual. I look at the work I did this past Spring in Mexico and I am impressed. I struggle to write like that here; maybe because distractions abound. I think one of the reasons I'm planning trip back next month is to tap into that state. I'm going to a city I've never been to before, an old sea port. I hope the writing comes with me.

I'm also loving How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like by Paul Bloom. I lose my shit over evolutionary psychology, biology and the behavioral sciences so this book was practically written for me. I'm culling all sorts of phrases and ideas for my own writing. I'm very much in love with the term biologically arbitrary. I don't have enough friends who are into these sciences and I ache to babble on and on about the ideas discussed in these fields.

La Creep will visit this weekend for the first time in months and I'm thrilled. We talk almost daily but having my best female friend in town is always a treat. Going to try to take it slow because when La Creep comes to visit, epic hangovers usually follow, which are usually spent on the sofa with lots of self-loathing and reality television marathons. Then we go out and do it all again.

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