Sunday, August 15, 2010

what my notes say

Going through my notes from workshop and they're pretty funny. Here are a few from when I had my short story workshopped:

Strangulation isn't bloody.

Am I diminishing the gods or elevating man?

Spiritual genealogy, enraptured.

Leaves stuffed in mouth = erotic.

More cock. (rooster)

Love leads to bloodshed.

Is blood metaphorical or real?

Earn the fairytale right of removing pronouns.

Less feminist agenda. (Really? Come on.)

Love is tied to submission of self.

Animals are magic.

Here are some random notes I took throughout the conference/workshop. Some make no sense to me now but I'm sure they did at the time:

"passive suicide"

"vegan striptease." WTF?

Anthology Idea: "Poetry Written by People Who Don't Read Poetry"

"It's funny when you can't sing; it's not funny when you can't communicate."

"Her whole journey is lubricated."

"I've been disabled by modernism."

I get it, you're human. Now shut up.

Somebody needs to reach into your psyche and slap the shit out of your wounded inner child.

"Write around the soldiers."

"Asterix on your own grave."

"History is the distillation of rumor."

Is he drunk? I'm pretty sure that coffee cup is full of wine.

"Bring in the zombies."

"The language is writing criticism is the language of couples counseling."

And, some of the crazy shit said either to me or in class:

Did this come from your culture or from your imagination?

Lizz, your people believe in ghosts. Did you find this believable?

I forgot black history is real history.

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