Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is some ark weather indeed. Find your match, get on the boat. The rain hasn't stopped and won't stop. The ground here is easily saturated, the roads not built to carry the water away. I hate driving in the rain around here, potholes galore, careening vehicles. I need to go out into the weather to buy a couple of gifts and to gather things. My dad has a bag of seeded pomegranates for us to juice, my mom has a bag of Puerto Rican food my grandma sent. I'm going to make my parents a pot of clam chowder. I may make a batch of tomato soup here at home later.

I slept early, happily last night after dinner at the Vag with Love. A couple of months ago we went down there on Saturday night for one drink. We saw a friend who was there and ended up meeting a group of really cool men. We ended up sitting with them on the patio until almost 2 in the morning. The restaurant closed but the owner was deep into the discussions we were wrapped up in and brought out bottles of unfinished wine. It was one of those rare instances wherein everyone meshed; the conversation was intelligent, witty and loud. It reminded me of my younger days among the drunk, hand-roving, intellectual ex-pats in Mexico. A late night of dialogue. We ran into one of the men from that night last night. We hope to all meet up again and have another one of those evenings, but with less alcohol as the next day was brutal.

I find I have such few intellectually dynamic conversations. So much of what is talked about is superficial. I have a couple of great friends I call when I want my mind blown but we don't interact regularly. I talk on the phone about once a week with my brilliant friend Eric, who is one of the most intelligent human beings I've veer met. We live about a mile away from each other but rarely get together; when we do I can barely sleep afterward because I can feel my brain stretching (for lack of a better description). I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. I should make an effort to group together the friends I love talking about ideas with, see if they mesh. I'm such an isolationist sometimes. Reading a book about personality types, I'm self-diagnosing. Ha! And rereading this paragraph I'm also kind of a snob.


Red Charlotte said...

I've always enjoyed our conversations. Loved playing Apples to Apples with you and Beau!

Lizz Huerta said...

Yay! We do have great conversations. Beau is going to be out of town but when he gets back we should come down and see you guys! Last time we played A2A was when you told us you were pregnant! Time. Flies.